T-100 LT a great scout tank

Veeeeery long time since I posted something here on my site, but here is a video from the last weekend and in my tier 10 light tank T-100 LT. I love this little beast! ūüôā

Churchill I, Ace tanker and High Caliber

High Calliber in the british tier 5 heavy tank Churchill I is very nice.

Some facts from WOT wiki about the tank: The Churchill is one slow moving warhorse, but despite that, its top guns boast excellent performance, and it has the thickest frontal armor for its tier. It’s an exceptional defender, as it is capable of dealing with any tank that crosses its path up front. Read more about the Churchill I.

Next video to upload is an Ace tanker battle in the american beauty T110E5! More videos here youtube.com/seoswe and dont forget to see me live at Twitch.tv.



Radley-Walters and Naidins

Russian tier 7 TD, SU-122-44

A pretty nasty battle in my SU-122-44 russian tier 7 premium tank destroyer. I really love the tank and playing very often as an medium tank.

In this battle I got the Radley-Walters medal (Awarded to players in the 5th or higher tier for destroying 8 or 9 enemy vehicles in one battle) and Naidins medal (Awarded to a player who has destroyed all enemy light tanks in a battle. Must be at least 3 light tanks) any many more.

Have fun!

Another Radley-Walters battle but in the T67 tank destroyer



Me vs 7 tanks in the AMX 13 FR AM arty

AMX-13-FR-AM arty - spgEarly in the game, I think that this will not go so well and you can see that in the chat. At¬†the end, I am alone against seven tanks. 1 heavy, 2¬†medium, 1 tankdestroyer and 3¬†arty and it feels like the whole thing will end quickly, but …

Always nice with Starks Medal!



AMX 50 B on a mission

AMX 50 B, French tier X heavy tank

Howdy all!
I have trying to do the HT-15 mission for the tank destroyer T28 Concept under the last 5 days and finally I made it in my AMX 50 B!

This video shows the battle and look at the beginning and what my team do in the middle!

Facts: Developed starting in 1951 by DEFA, the state weapons design bureau. By 1958, the AMX50B received a number of improvements, including a low-profile cast hull and torsion-bar suspension Read more about the AMX 50 B!



Mastery Badge – Ace Tanker and Work

Hi guys,
It was long time since I updated this site, but it’s because of my day job. Have lot to do at work as usual and I working in the Search engine industry!

But here you have 2 videos with Mastery Badge: Ace tanker

First we have the US premium medium tank T26E4 aka. Super Pershing

Second video is the US heavy tank T29