Ramming is always fun

Object 140 tier x russian mediumI hate ammorack, so when I can’t fix it, I just ram enemies to death! I love these funny moments ingame.

Wiki facts: The Object 140 is a Soviet tier 10 medium tank. An experimental medium tank. Developed between 1953 and 1958 in Nizhny Tagil to replace the T-54. Two prototypes were built, but in 1958 the project was terminated in favor of the Object 430.

Short gameplay with my Object 140.



Hidden target – SU-122-44

Russian tier 7 TD, SU-122-44The map is Mountain Pass and I run the tier 7 russian premium td SU-122-44 . At start I tell my team that I cover the bridge, so I drives to the bridge and starting aiming. Suddenly the enemy Chi-Ri appears and I shot. WTF….

Wiki facts: The vehicle was based on the T-44 chassis and had a conventional configuration, with the front placement of the fighting compartment. In October, People’s Commissariat of the Tank Industry considered the SU-122-44 project. Read more about SU-122-44



AMX 40 is OP

French light tank tier 4, AMX 40I saw this video yesterday and know I think need to get back to the OP AMX 40 tank 😀

Wiki facts: In game, it plays more like a heavy medium or heavy tank. It is a cumbersome vehicle that barely scratches the 20km/h mark on flat ground, and has a slow firing gun to “compliment” its sluggishness. Players often call it the “Duck” in game due to its shape.

Because of how slow and unwieldy it is, the AMX 40 is often referred to as one of the worst grinds in the game. Reed more about the AMX 40