T-100 LT a great scout tank

Veeeeery long time since I posted something here on my site, but here is a video from the last weekend and in my tier 10 light tank T-100 LT. I love this little beast! 🙂

The Troublemaker

Germany Tier 10 Jagdpanzer E100

Germany Tier 10 Jagdpanzer E100Me on hill? Won’t happen so often with this tier 10 tank destroyer, but in this battle it fits me well!

Performance from WOT wiki: The Jagdpanzer E-100 takes another leap of size and lack of mobility. Even slower than the Jagdtiger, this is a TD which should never be left alone, as all it takes is one rather mobile tank to flank you and mercilessly kill you. Read more!



Ramming is always fun

Object 140 tier x russian mediumI hate ammorack, so when I can’t fix it, I just ram enemies to death! I love these funny moments ingame.

Wiki facts: The Object 140 is a Soviet tier 10 medium tank. An experimental medium tank. Developed between 1953 and 1958 in Nizhny Tagil to replace the T-54. Two prototypes were built, but in 1958 the project was terminated in favor of the Object 430.

Short gameplay with my Object 140.



Batchat ACE

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, tier 10 mediumAround 70 battles to gain the master badge ACE tank on my Batchat 25 t.

I really love this tank because it can change the whole battle for the team!

Here is a replay to see the battle!



Facebook and 8.8 patch

Object 140 tier x russian mediumNow you can like my clan Swedish Viking on Facebook. If you do that you have a chance to win bonus codes and other stuff. We are mostly writing on swedish on Facebook, but you will understand a lot anyway 🙂

8.8 patch.

I really like the new map Tundra and the old maps Swamp and Komarin. I have bought the new Russian, tier X medium tank Object 140 and it´s my favorite tank for the moment. Soon I will put a video on the Object 140 because the tank is so awesome.

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