Swedish Tanks Strv m/39, m/42

This weekend I was at the Military Preparedness Museum in Djuramossa/Sweden to see some old Swedish tanks.

3 in 1 tanks

The first video is the sound of the Strv m/39 and I love it! 🙂

The 2 videos below is from the tank show and you can see the Strv m/39 and m/42 🙂

The last video shows how it could look like in a battle during WWII between Allies and Germany!



The Troublemaker

Germany Tier 10 Jagdpanzer E100

Germany Tier 10 Jagdpanzer E100Me on hill? Won’t happen so often with this tier 10 tank destroyer, but in this battle it fits me well!

Performance from WOT wiki: The Jagdpanzer E-100 takes another leap of size and lack of mobility. Even slower than the Jagdtiger, this is a TD which should never be left alone, as all it takes is one rather mobile tank to flank you and mercilessly kill you. Read more!