Making Youtube videos

I have many friends who asking me which programs I use to for making World of tanks Youtube vids and here are the answer.

For frapsing, I use MSI afterburner and it´s free to use and works fine for me. Easy to understand and you can check other stuff with it too!

AVS Video Editor screenshotI use AVS Video Editor 6.3 (paid version for me) to making the video and compress it. With a paid version can you make a lot of stuff to the video. I´m just at the beginning.

Give it a try and dont forget to subscribe to my channel on Youtube!


My first battle in T69

T-69, american medium tier 8This video shows my absolute first battle in the US tier 8 medium tank T69!

I really really love this tank because I can support my allies and flank the enemy!

The reaper medal

Lorraine155 51, French tier 7 artyThis is a battle with my tier 7 arty, Lorraine155 51 on the map Karelia.

Read more about Lorraine155 51 on the

Description of the Reaper achievements: Destroy three or more enemy vehicles in a row with a single round each. The achievement is granted on completion of the sequence. The sequence can be continued in the next battle fought on any vehicle. The icon in the service record displays the longest sequence.

New record with T71

T71 light tank, american tier 7Yesterday I had some great moments with my T71 light tank. I got a new exp record and that on the map Mines. 1861 exp and 49074 credits.

Achievements: Confederate and Mastery Badge class 1.

Observe that the XVM mod says my team had only 36% chance to win LOL.