We cant win!

Stronghold World Of TanksDamn damn we can´t win this Stronghold battle or?

What is Stronghold?
Strongholds is a game mode available to clans and limited to members of the same clan. Strongholds enables clans to build structures using the “Industrial Resource”. Read more about Stronghold here.



Facebook and 8.8 patch

Object 140 tier x russian mediumNow you can like my clan Swedish Viking on Facebook. If you do that you have a chance to win bonus codes and other stuff. We are mostly writing on swedish on Facebook, but you will understand a lot anyway 🙂

8.8 patch.

I really like the new map Tundra and the old maps Swamp and Komarin. I have bought the new Russian, tier X medium tank Object 140 and it´s my favorite tank for the moment. Soon I will put a video on the Object 140 because the tank is so awesome.

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